B2B and B2C solutions: E-Commerce has evolved from customers conducting basic transaction on the web to a complete retooling of the way Partners, Suppliers and Customers transact. Using the Internet, now you can link dealers and suppliers online reducing both the lag time and the paper work. You can move procurement online by setting up an extranet that links directly to vendors cutting inventory carrying costs and becoming more responsive to customers. You can streamline your financial relationship with customers and suppliers by web enabled billing & payment systems.

We can help you to maximize your business ability to deepen and secure trading relationship with your customers and suppliers, and to prepare you to quickly take advantage of new opportunities in an increasingly complex, competitive and unpredictable environment. Taking advantage of the E-Commerce is much more than simply opening up a new online sales channel. It is about using technology to streamline your business model creating savings and increasing efficiency. It is about lowering costs and establishing closer & more responsive relationship with your Customers, Suppliers and Partners.

PSI has uniquely talented and experienced professionals who can develop or re-engineer your Business-to-Business and Business-to-Customer applications.